Anne Harkin-Petersen Statement

My paintings reflect questions of paradox inherent to the human condition; the struggles for balance and harmony, gestures of passion that excite, disturb, enlighten, question, and transcend.

Conjecture is the source of all theory and a crucial factor in the creation of all new ideas is a willingness and ability to break out of old habits of thought.  Vital to the creation of new ideas is the concept of play.

As David Bohn (Theoreticl Physicist) in his book ‘Science, Order, and Creativity, says ‘different kinds of thought and different kinds of abstraction may together give a better reflection of reality.  Each is limited in its own way, but together they extend our grasp of reality further than is possible with one way alone.  Bohm also maintains “all knowledge arises out of the shifting, changing activity of creative perception, free play, unfoldment into action and its return as experience’

Buy work has always been concerned with the desire to evoke a sense of mystery.  More than ever I believe strongly in the power of visa art to combat the multiple voices that admonish and negate possibilities of beauty, redemption and mystery