Dr Noel Monaghan

Noell Monahan Poet,  Writer,  Joint Editor of Windows Publications on 7th February 2013 at the opening of ‘Sirens, Greeks and Tangled Hierarchies’ a joint exhibition of paintings by Ruth Cadden and Anne Harkin-Petersen.

‘Today our lives are engineering like canal waterways.  We appear to have limited options, limited escape routes.  We need something to shake us out of the urban moulds we have become, to shake us out of the winter of our discontent.  We need escape roots out of the labyrinths we have created in modern living, escape routes from engineering canal waterways of our consumer society.  We need wild rivers in our lives to make us face up to the civilizations we have become.

In short we need creativity.

In Anne Harkin-Petersen’s exhibition colour is central and all.  The medium of communication is colour. It articulates its own psychological expression.  It is colour as an end in itself, an abstraction as an end in itself.  It is sensual and deeply expressive, but you must see with new eyes, with a new intelligence.  Colours interact with one another, and generate a new reality.  And this is what is happening in Anne’s paintings.

Here we have no need for superfluous rhetoric. Here we have shape and colour.  You do not recognize an object.  You are asked to transcend all that.


We need to look with unconscripted  pristine eyes at these paintings.  You will see there is no such thing as matter.  What we call matter, is mind in hibernation.

I am finding inner expression.

Anne Harkin-Petersen’s colours and vertical shapes feel their way into our souls. This exhibition is an enrichment.